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The Belgian Malinois is an extremely versatile canine, suitable as a family companion, but, only for the truly active family. If your favorite past time is stretching out in the big overstuffed living room recliner and watching T.V. then please, for the sake of your sanity, research the possibility of another breed.

The Malinois quite simply is NOT the breed for everyone. Failure of the Malinois owner to provide a productive activity or job to do on a regular basis can, and probably will result, I promise you, in the Malinois finding their own outlet. After years of experience, I think I *can* safely guarantee that outlet probably won't be to your liking.

My olé Lady, Allie, even as an eleven year old retired Schutzhund I Malinois Bitch, found all kinds of wonderful ways to occupy her time. Problem? I never really found one of those *ways* that met with my approval. LOL It's a good thing I loved her so much, otherwise I'd probably have ended up slaughtering her for some of the creative ways she always found to rearrange my home.

The olé Lady's great niece, Autumn resides here now and my lovely Lazy-Boy platform rocker has suffered seriously from her intense Malinois ball drive. That platform rocker provides loads of space behind that lovely tailored skirt for hiding a certain Malinois's ball. The corners of that lovely skirt are missing. Why? because they provide an excellent means for that same Malinois to spin that rocker round and round and round. We won't talk about the corners of its T-cushion, after all what sane Malinois would pass up a cushion and its supremely ideal hiding place for that ball?

Aeolian came into existence with the acquisition of a small 9 week old package of Dynamite officially called Mattole's Alcina of Aeolian, commonly known by friends and family as Allie. After nearly two years of searching for that special Malinois I was thrilled to add her to my family. That was in 1989 and today I can't even remember what life BBM (before Belgian Malinois) was like.

A very small kennel, never owning more then 3 dogs at any time, Aeolian is committed to owning and very occasionally breeding Malinois with the temperament, structure, personality and work ethic to excel in any working arena a future owner might wish to participate in. If you are interested in a Malinois that projects *presence* then consider an Aeolian Malinois.

The Malinois is one of 4 varieties commonly known elsewhere in the World as Belgian Shepherds. Three of the varieties are registered as seperate breeds in the United States and the fourth, the Lakenois, is striving for AKC recognition. The links below will take you to the parent club for each breed. Your research should include an extended visit to each site in order to understand thoroughly why proponents of each variety feel that their's is *the* Belgian of choice.

American Belgian Malinois Club (ABMC)

Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

American Belgian Tervuren Club

American Belgian Laekenois Association

Please be aware! The Belgian Malinois DOES NOT have a brindle (striped) coat! If you end up on a website listing a brindle as a Belgian Malinois please be aware that the dog is probably a Dutch Shepherd or a Malinois/Dutch Shepherd cross!

I hope you enjoy the information that you will find on this website. It will change and expand as I find time to add the hundreds of links I have stored away. For further information on all the different varieties please visit the Belgian Shepherds Circling the Globe page. The Wardogs page will take you on a journey showing how the canine has served us faithly during times of world conflict and the love and admiration felt by all that came into contact with them. The Ehrlichia, a tick borne disease, page came into existence because of research I did for one of my puppy buyers. Don't pass it up, it could save your dog's life. And finally, the Belgian Malinois Webring will take you specifically to website after website of Malinois owners and lovers who participate in almost any arena you can name.


Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions you have that can't be answered in the links I have provided. And, let me know you visited by signing the guestbook.

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