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Aeolian's Brakker Chase 11/4/93 - 12/16/99
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Belgian Shepherds Around the World
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These sites can help you with Grief
Belgian History
Groenendael/Belgian Sheepdog Breeders and Owners
Belgian Laekenois Breeders and Owners
Belgian Malinois Breeders and Owners
Belgian Tervuren Breeders and Owners
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Ehrlichia - A Tick Borne Disease
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Photos of Belgian Shepherds from the 70's
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Training Sites from Clicker Training to Schutzhund
Travel with your Dog
Very good article on crate training
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Working Dogs
OFA Rating Information - Malinois OFA Rating Information
Malinois Hip Ratings 1-500
Malinois Hip Ratings 501-1000
Malinois Hip Ratings 1001-1500
Malinois Hip Ratings
1501-2000 Not Assigned
Malinois Hip Ratings
2001-2500 - Not Assigned
Malinois Hip Ratings
2501-3000 - Not Assigned
Malinois Hip Ratings A-D
Malinois Hip Ratings E-L
Malinois Hip Ratings M-R
Malinois Hip Ratings S-Z
Malinois Cardiac Ratings
Malinois Cardiac Ratings A-Z
Malinois Elbow Ratings 1-500
Malinois Elbow Ratings 501-1000
Malinois Elbow Ratings A-M
Malinois Elbow Ratings N-Z
Malinois Patella Ratings
Malinois Patella Ratings A-Z
Malinois Thyroid Ratings
Malinois Thyroid Ratings A-Z

National Animal Poison Control Center
A Division of the ASPCA
(900) 443-0000 ($45.00 charge per case will appear on your phone bill) or (888) 4ANIHELP (426-4435) $45.00 per case (VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express only)

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Four Generations of Malinois
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